Mission Bay

Mission Bay, San Francisco, California


Hulls, a sculpture created for San Francisco’s new Mission Bay development, commemorates a waterfront steeped in maritime history. During the 16th century, Ohlone Indians, sustained by hunting and fishing, built boats from the reeds of the bay’s shallow waters. The 1800s saw a vibrant industry of wooden schooners and ferryboat builders, which later lead to the fabrication of large metal World War I and World War II submarines and battleships.

In conceptualizing this sculpture, Richard Deutsch was drawn to the concentration of wooden-boat builders who worked along the Mission Bay waterfront in the mid-1800s. As a symbolic form, the graceful hulls of these vessels not only contain the humanity of this historic time, but they continue to captivate those who gaze out to sea.

• Title and date: Hulls, 2008
• Location: 500 Terry A. Francois Boulevard, Mission Bay, San Francisco, California
• Materials: Stainless steel,
• Dimensions: 50’ x 20’ x 16’
• Commissioned by: ML Mission Bay, LLC, Lowe Enterprises Real Estate Group, San Francisco
• Architect: Chong/Partners Architecture, San Francisco
• Landscape architect: EDAW/AECOM, San Francisco