Applied Materials Campus

Applied Materials Campus, Sunnyvale, California


Etude was commissioned for the entrance to the campus of Applied Materials, Inc. The sculpture consists of two large granite discs, referencing the silicon wafer that is at the root of the advancement of modern high technology. The discs are scribed, carved, and chiseled with abstract drawings that are the artist’s interpretations of technological breakthroughs. Integrated with the discs are a large bronze compass, calipers, dividers, and a micrometer, depicting precise measurement and calibration. Seven granite benches provide an area for contemplation.

• Title and date: Etude, 1999
• Location: Applied Materials campus, Sunnyvale, California
• Materials: Granite, bronze
• Dimensions: Sculptures are 15’ x 15’ x 8’
• Commissioned by: CarrAmerica Realty Corporation, Washington, D.C., under a Sunnyvale Arts Commission percent-for-art program
• Art adviser: Cathy Baum and Associates, Atherton, California